August 31st, 2018

Good evening families,

Another week has come and gone! We have started learning new concepts and moved our focus more onto 2nd grade material and less on 1st grade review. We have started using Class Dojo as a way to help students track behavior and for quick communication. I felt like it was overall successful this week and am looking forward to seeing what it can do for us as a class next week.

Let’s talk about what we have done in class this week:

In math, we have focused on understanding where the ones, tens, and hundreds places are in a hundreds number. We have also been practicing comparing numbers using >, <, and =. We have started small group rotations and the students are getting the hang of reading their group rotation schedule. We are still practicing voice level as students seem to be struggling the most with this classroom routine and expectation.

We read "Because of You" this week from our ​ImagineIt!​ textbook. We used this story to discuss kindness, practice ABC order, and learn new vocabulary words. We have discussed long a and how it can be spelled with just an a or with a silent e.

This week, the students created a list of special memories. I asked them think of something that is important to them and write it down. For example, if they went on a great trip this summer, they would have written down something like "summer vacation". Students went on to choose one of those special memories and provide details of what happened. They were asked to write down the 5Ws (who, what, where, when, why/how). I did have quite a few students struggle with this activity, as they could not remember any special moments. It would be wonderful if you could have a discussion with your kiddo this weekend about some special things that have happened to them over the years to help jog their memories!


​Students were given sight words this week to practice their spelling routine.We will continue this next week.


​Our focus for science is on the Earth's place in the Universe. Students have started an outer space book. So far, we have completed 2 sections on a KWL chart (what they ​K​now and what they ​W​ant to know). We will complete the 3rd section once we are done with our unit (​what they ​L​earned). We have also talked a little about the Earth and how it is 70% water and that the land masses are called continents. We have talked a bit about the equator and the hemispheres.

​​Social Studies​​

We have finished up our Community Scrapbook. Next week, we will be focusing on the 3 types of communities, as well as looking at our community from a larger perspective.

I hope you all have an awesome 3-day weekend and I will see you on Tuesday!

Staci Jury

2nd grade teacher – STCS